Do you offer trial fonts?

Yes, you can get the trial fonts by making an account and buying (for 0 €) the bundle. The fonts have a reduced character set and the test license allows evaluation use only. 

Can I make a logo with your fonts?

Absolutely. You can make unlimited number of raster or vector logos using our fonts. However, should the annual revenue of the company the logo is for exceed US$20.000.000, you will need an extended license.

I want to make an app for iphone and android, do I need two licenses?

As long as it’s the same app, all platforms are covered within a single app license.

I want to use the fonts in an e-magazine, do I need a new license for every issue?

No, as long as it’s the same title, all issues are covered with a single ebook license.

I want to use the fonts for a series of ebooks, do I need a new license for every issue?

Yes, since in this case every ebook is a new title, you need a separate license for each one.

Can I alter the vector outlines to better fit a specific design?

You can edit the vector outlines generated by your graphics software from our fonts however you like.
The restriction not to edit the actual outlines in the font files still applies.

Do I need an extra license for every CPU?

No. The EULA expressly mentions users, not CPU, because hey, it’s 21st century. Most of us own multiple devices to use the fonts on, a desktop PC, a laptop, an iPad etc. As long as these devices belong to the licensee, fonts can be installedon all of them.

How do I get the fonts?

After payment you will recieve the fonts via email, available for download immediately. If you choose to make an account, the fonts are also listed and available for download there.

Are these fonts Pro versions?

Depends on how you define Pro. All fonts come with an extended Latin character set. All fonts have advanced typographic features.

Do you offer customization of your fonts?

Absolutely! If you need a characters set expansion, redrawing glyphs or adding your logo to the font, just drop a line.

Don’t we have enough fonts already?

Do we have enough songs? Cars? Electronic devices? Food recipes? Paintings? Political parties? So yes, we do. But no, we don’t.