Grim is an ultrabold display family with 6 styles. Originated as an experiment with reduction, it is legible without compromise and has its own unique character, marked by generous shapes and unusual appearance.

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The Grim family ranges from Grim Pure (which was radically reduced to the essentials) to Grim Stencil, where the fine pylons are added to the counters. Grim Counter is a more detailed version of the Grim Regular, with more traditional forms. Grim and Grim Counter Regular each have a rounded cut. All 6 styles are fully compatible with each other.
Illustration: Katharina Gschwendtner
Grim is best suited for blocky headlines with impact. Set against a serious serif font, it gives the page high contrast and fun factor.

The reduced shapes call for a poster use! The rest of the motivational posters can be seen in the flickr gallery.
Every member of the Grim family comes with matching arrows, triangles, hands, smilies and a heart. These glyphs can also be accessed with simple codes (like for the heart).